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冬天来了! Check current conditions for your favorite winter sports in hg6668皇冠登录, MI. Find trail reports for snowmobiling, 雪骑自行车, and cross-country and downhill skiing in hg6668皇冠登录 County. Updated daily as reports come in, Monday through Friday. 

A couple snowmobiling near hg6668皇冠登录, MI

Snowmobile Trails

路的名字 状态 最后培养* 可怜的 优秀的
Alger County SORVA

grooming is suspended until there is more snow and colder temperatures.

1/22/24 x    
Baraga County CVB

109, 8/15,15,159, and 14, snow is thin

1/20/24 x    
大湾/550 Trails

grooming is suspended until there is more snow and colder temperatures

1/24/24 x    

Groomer Barn to M553, Gwinn to Cascade, Crossroads Spur, Cascade Trail to 417 groomed. Grooming operations are suspended until we get snow and colder weather. 道33 & 32 are mostly dirt, trail 8 has snow north of Sands Station but the warm temperatures prevent grooming.

1/24/24 x    
Moose Country Trails

Trail 5 Republic to 大湾 is complete, Trail 8 is done to meet other clubs east and west. Low snow, exposed rocks, and thin ice west of Maple 脊 Resort ride with extreme caution. Trail 82 is mostly good with small areas of exposed ballast rock near Republic. Trail 18 is done with low snow conditions.

1/19/24 x    
Trenary Northern Trails Another successful groom last night. 完整的运行. We still have 2 spots that we can not get the groomer into yet. We need more cold weather before we will be able to groom through them. Conditions are still early season conditions with thin areas. 1/23/24 x    
UP Central Trails 全面培养. poor conditions from Carp River to M-28 and Harvey Spur. Last groom until we get more snow or temps go back down. 1/24/24 x    
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路的名字 状态 最后培养* 可怜的 优秀的
NTN North Trails Trails are very good for 雪骑自行车 still. 3/18/24   x  

Conditions vary greatly. Studded tires and foot traction recommended. No grooming until more snow.

2/23/24 x    
RAMBA SBT Trails are shaping up. Be aware of Polar Roll Bike Race going on 2/17 2/13/24   x  
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X-Country 滑雪 Trails

路的名字 状态 最后培养* 可怜的 优秀的
Al Quaal 娱乐 Area

Teal lake trails and baby lake trails are groomed

2/17/24 x    
大湾径 Rolled meditation and hidden grin. About five inches of snow landed. A couple wet spots on hidden grin. 3/18/24 x    
Blueberry 脊 Pathway Lighted and Wolverine opened up for skiing 2/16/24 x    
Iron Ore Heritage Trail (Ishpeming-Negaunee) entire trail segment plus the spur trail were rolled 2/16/24 x    
hg6668皇冠登录 Fit Strip 需要雪. 2/20/24 x    
请厂家Forestville With 6+ inches of new snow we were able to roller pack Noque to 17k, Animoosh到14k, chiwaji绕过, muckwa, migizi, gookookoo, 和boozhoo. Some sections especially past the power lines are really nice. Some areas have some ice underneath from the old snow so use caution. The new snow seemed to pack down well and the machines were not slipping on the ice underneath. It should stay cold so it should firm up. 3/18/24 x    
Norman Juhola Trail System Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Bowl Connector rolled 2/16/24 x    
Saux Head湖 The trail system was packed & rolled this morning. About a 2” base throughout. Thinner on areas that get the most direct sun throughout day, like the downhills (going ccw) on the Wilson Creek loop and by the Scenic Overlook area. CAUTION; There is a layer of ice under the base on some of the hills on the Backside. Note: There is not enough base layer for future grooming or setting track.  2/29/24 x    
Anderson Lake Pathway groomed and tracked 1/19/24 x    
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Fresh powder skiing at hg6668皇冠登录 Mountain

Alpine 滑雪 (hg6668皇冠登录 MTN)

 西区长跑 开放 关闭
双胞胎铁杉   x
Whoopdee   x
低岭   x
新岭   x
上轮廓   x
轮廓   x
斜槽   x
上积雪     x
雪原   x
Nastar   x
辆运行   x
头骨运行   x
展览   x
初学者   x
上火箭   x
火箭   x
崖岭   x
最高   x


 东区 & 野外运行 开放 关闭
自由落体   x
《hg6668皇冠登录》的区   x
突然下降   x
叛徒   x
的碗   x
黄鼠狼峡谷   x
树空地   x


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